I completed my bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience in 2019, and I have been pursuing opportunities to broaden by experience in preparation for applications to graduate school. I joined the Shih Lab in September 2021 as a Research Technician. Since then, I have been characterizing brain vascular dysfunction and the associated neurovascular cell types in a mouse model of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (CAA), a common feature of Alzheimer’s disease where amyloid-beta accumulates on the brain vasculature. Our goal is to identify the changes to the neurovascular unit early in the disease process, to identify targets that might improve vascular function and diminish the progression of CAA.

My long-term goal is to pursue a career in neuroscience, where I can dedicate my efforts to improving our understanding of neurological disorders and help to develop cures. I recognize that there is tremendous potential in preclinical and clinical research that help us find preventative strategies. I am also interested in exploring the interactions of the endocrine and immune systems with the nervous system. I strongly believe that meaningful research comes from collaboration, and that great mentors are an integral part of a student’s experience.

I am very passionate about Hispanic representation in science and in the medical field, as an individual born and raised in Mexico, and I am hoping to give back to my community as I grow professionally.