I completed my dual degree program of M.D.,Ph.D in Hacettepe University in 2023. During my Ph.D., I delved into the mysterious world of a folate transporter protein, which remained overlooked in the brain and in the retina. Specifically, I investigated its functions and role in blood-brain barrier and blood-retinal barrier using in vivo models of cerebral and retinal ischemia.  Throughout my Ph.D. research, I became firmly convinced that the  advanced imaging techniques and in vivo models played an invaluable role in exploring brain pathophysiologies and identifying potential therapeutic targets. This conviction led me to the Shih Lab, where I embarked on a new chapter as a post-doctoral fellow in September 2023, focusing on developing my skills in in vivo imaging techniques. Hereafter, I eagerly anticipate the upcoming journey of investigating cerebral small blood vessel diseases through the application of cutting-edge imaging techniques. When I’m not immersed in the world of science, I find joy in my hobbies, particularly Argentine tango and photography.