The love of science can take us down different roads. But sometimes that road is not clear at the beginning. Our lab endeavors to help talented young scientists discover their own path, and to build the experience they need to move toward their goals. The alumni from the Shih lab have found their next steps in industry, medicine, and academic research.


Philipp Summers (MUSC) 2013-2015 (MSc) Clemson University, USA B.Sc
Impact of cerebral microinfarcts on neurovascular function
Bioengineer, South Carolina Stroke Recovery Center

Robert Underly (MUSC) 2013-2018 (PhD) Saginaw Valley State University, USA B.Sc.
Pericytes as inducers of blood-brain barrier injury during ischemia
Research Scientist, R.J. Reynolds

David Hartmann (MUSC) 2014-2018 (MD/PhD) New College of Florida, USA B.Sc.
Dissection of pericyte control in blood flow regulation
Medical Resident, Stanford University

Manuel Levy (MUSC) 2014-2018 (PostDoc) Université Paris 6, France Ph.D.
Synaptic function and plasticity during recovery from stroke
Research Assistant Professor, Duke University