The alumni from the Shih lab have found their next steps in industry, medicine, and academic research.

Some examples are listed below:

Philipp Summers (MUSC) 2013-2015 (MSc) Clemson University, USA B.Sc
Impact of cerebral microinfarcts on neurovascular function
Bioengineer, South Carolina Stroke Recovery Center

Robert Underly (MUSC) 2013-2018 (PhD) Saginaw Valley State University, USA B.Sc.
Pericytes as inducers of blood-brain barrier injury during ischemia
Research Scientist, R.J. Reynolds

David Hartmann (MUSC) 2014-2018 (MD/PhD) New College of Florida, USA B.Sc.
Dissection of pericyte control in blood flow regulation
Medical Resident, Stanford University

Manuel Levy (MUSC) 2014-2018 (PostDoc) Université Paris 6, France Ph.D.
Synaptic function and plasticity during recovery from stroke
Research Assistant Professor, Duke University

Sharon Ornelas (SCRI) 2019-2021 (Technician) University of Washington B.Sc.
Ultrastructural analysis of pericyte-endothelial interactions
Research Coordinator, University of Washington

Andree-Anne Berthiaume (SCRI/MUSC) 2015-2020 (PhD) Concordia University B.Sc.
Pericyte structural plasticity in the adult and aged brain
Research Scientist, Athira Pharma

Roger Ian Grant (MUSC) 2016-2018 (Technician) College of Charleston B.Sc.
Organizational hierarchy of pericytes in the mural brain
PhD Graduate Student, Medical University of South Carolina

Konnor McDowell (SCRI/MUSC) 2017-2019 (Research Assistant) Clemson University B.Sc.
Analysis of vasodynamics collected by multi-photon imaging
MD/PhD student, Medical University of South Carolina