Summer Time in the City!

Summer Time in the City!

A busy lab this summer!

The lab welcomes new post-doctoral fellow Dr. Stephanie Bonney, a recent grad of Prof. Julie Siegenthaler at U. Colorado. She will work on exciting projects related to pericytes in Alzheimers disease and the role of perivascular fibroblasts in injury.

Dr. Stefan Stamenkovic, a recent graduate from U. Serbia has also joined as a post-doc. He is using innovative deep two-photon imaging approachesĀ  and tissue clearing to study white matter perfusion and structure in the young and aged brain.

Konnor McDowell joined us again this summer, trekking cross country from Clemson University to develop better code for measuring vascular diameter. Taryn Tieu of Mount Holyoke University also spent the summer using Konnor’s code to study capillary diameter changes in vivo. A new ImageJ Macro will be described soon for unbiased vascular diameter measurement in imaging data.

New research technicians Maddie Kilby (U. Wisconsin) and Sharon Ornelas (U. Washington and Yale) also join the lab this month.

We also hosted Maaida Mohamed and Zekeya Idris as part of the STEM internships for high school students at Seattle Children’s.