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The ins and outs of brain plumbing during dementia

Literature reviews on vascular dementia tend to have an “arterio-centric” view of vascular roles in disease progression. Indeed,  atheroclerosis...

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Understanding Brain Mural Cells

Mural cells cover the vasculature and control numerous aspects of vascular function, including control of blood flow, vessel growth/integrity, scar formation, and...

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Small Strokes in Sickle Cell Disease

About 40% of children with sickle cell disease develop small strokes visible by MRI, commonly referred to as silent cerebral infarcts. Some of these strokes are tiny...

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The lasting effects of ministrokes may contribute to dementia

A new paper from our lab shows that microinfarcts induce prolonged dysfunction in brain areas estimated to be 12-times larger than the visible injury site. Data from...

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Advanced imaging of intact brains during ischemic stroke reveals a new role for pericytes

  A study from our lab provides strong evidence that pericytes are a primary locus of matrix-mellaproteinase-9-dependent (MMP-9) capillary damage and blood...

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